Mixedwood Growth Model (MGM)

The Mixedwood Growth Model (MGM) is a deterministic, distance-independent, individual tree-based stand growth model for the Boreal forest. It is capable of summarizing both tree and stand characteristics. Summaries are provided as yield tables and charts portraying averages and totals for the conifer and hardwood components. Growth may be simulated for stands provided as a tree list or stand table, including juvenile trees < 1.3m height, or trees may be simulated based on an assumed tree diameter distribution.

Pure or mixed stands of white spruce, aspen, lodgepole pine and black spruce may be simulated. Growth relationships have been formulated based on data from Alberta. Regional variants for British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba allow use of local species codes, site curves, and tree volume estimation equations.

This site provides information about the approach to modeling stand growth, software availability, and usage (including detailed do-it-yourself examples).

Current MGM Development Team:

Dr. Mike Bokalo, Phd, RPF
Department of Renewable Resources
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB T6G 2H1
Tel: 780 492-9038
FAX: 780 492-4323
Dr. Phil Comeau, Phd
Department of Renewable Resources
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB T6G 2H1
Tel: 780 492-1879


The conceptual design for the MGM interface and modelling framework was originally implemented by Dr. W. S. (Bill) Adams and Dr. S. J. Titus. This design and framework is maintained in the current version of MGM.

We acknowledge the substantial contributions by Dr. Ken Stadt to the development of the current version of MGM.

We also acknowledge the contributions of numerous graduate students to development of model components.

Current and past members of the MGM Strategic Development Team have provided invaluable input into the development of the model. We acknowlege and thank Gitte Grover, Yuqing Yang, Willi Fast, Greg Behuniak, Ken Greenway, Gordon Whitmore, Victor Lieffers, Darren Aitkin, Bob Held and Terry Kristoff.

We thank the members of the Western Boreal Growth and Yield Association (WESBOGY), the Mixedwood Management Association (MWMA), the Forest Resource Improvement Association of Alberta (FRIAA), and forest companies that have provided funding and support.


Last Updated:  4/13/2017