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Variant Options Alberta

Species List (based on LFS code)

Alpine fir - Fa

Balsam fir - Fb

White birch - Bw

Douglas-fir Fd

Alpine larch - La

Tamarack - Lt

Western larch - Lw

Limber pine - Pf

Jack pine - Pj

Lodgepole pine - Pl

Whitebark pine - Pw

Aspen - Aw

Balsam poplar - Pb

Black spruce - Sb

Englemann spruce - Se

White spruce - Sw


Alberta offers two regions to select from AB Eco Region and AB VSR.

AB Eco Region

Alberta Volume Sampling Regions (VSR) from the Phase 3 Inventory.

1 Bow Crow-Lo

2 Rocky-Lo

3 Rocky-Hi

4 Centre

5 Northern Foothills

6 Peace

7 Wabasca

8 Northeast

10 Footner

11 Bow Crow-Hi

12 Special

Site Curves

Reference age 50 years based on provincial functions for both British Columbia and Alberta. Note that BC curves use top height and Alberta curves use dominant-codominant height. Alberta uses Alberta curves.

MGM 2009 adds a checkbox in the Edit Options event dialog to control usage of the new 2008 Provincial site index functions. Years To reach 1.3 m height settings are updated whenever SI is changed; these values change with SI but are constant once SI has been set. Only implemented for the 4 MGM species (same as other existing SI curves To view the variants of another region, select the province from below.