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Events Read Files

Event: Establish (Read from external files)


Establishes a stand in the Stand worksheet by importing the stand data from an external file.

Settings: Full path to the "Standlist.txt" file. This file contains a list of full path and name of each stand file to be projected. The first line is ignored. Blank lines between stand names will cause error messages since the stand file on an empty line will not have a name and will not be found.

The stand age and year settings are examples only. The stand age and year is taken from the stand when it is imported.

External stand files may be created by saving a stand as text (tab delimited) from either the MGM or Stands workbooks. Alternatively, the stand may be constructed from other files as long as the format follows that of the text (tab delimited) format obtained when an existing stand is exported in that format.

Minimum data required for each tree follows the guidelines provided in the topic Entering a stand interactively.

For other information on reading stands from external files see the section on Inputs to the growth model.